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About The Studio Workshop

The Studio workshop was established in Sept 2004. Starting as trade work supplier of repair and makeup service, Jonathan May the Proprietor of the business started his career as a hand engraver at Jacob Kramer college of art and design.

Studying hand engraving, Heraldry, enamelling and makeup of hand crafted jewellery. He then moved to his first position as a working jeweller within the manufacturing side of the industry. Progressing through the ranks of full time polisher to jobbing jeweller, covering most aspect of the repair side of the trade, working alongside old school jewellers who then made every item by hand.

As time went by I was taught how to start with basic stone setting and gradually developed my skills as a craftsman. I now specialise in bespoke diamond set jewellery from simple contemporary to advanced classical French Pave style work.

All pieces from design to creation are Hallmarked to British standard. Recently working alongside Master craftsman Alexandre Siderov on an advanced stone setting course in Belgium, has made me aware there is sill so much to learn after 24 years in the industry.

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